Is my BRAIN degrading?.

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Ah, the fantastic voyage of forgetfulness!

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been on an involuntary memory-dodging spree. I’d think about something, and before I could blink my eye ( or ten seconds, to be precise), it’s gone - poof! It’s like my brain is staging a magic show, but the rabbit never returns from the hat.

As the forgetfulness epidemic escalated, I did what any self-respecting amateur detective would do - I headed down the path that many before me have ventured. I took my case to one and only Dr. Google in hopes of deciphering the mysteries.

Now, if you’ve ever embarked on a symptom-search session on the World Wide Web, you know it’s like playing Russian roulette with your sanity; you either walk away thinking you’re on your deathbed or pondering your imminent transformation into a medical anomaly.

It’s either “You’re knocking on death’s door” or “Congratulations, you’ve uncovered a new, incurable ailment”.

But not this time, No siree. This time, it was a delightful condition known as SHORT-TERM MEMORY Loss. It’s like my brain decided to turn its internal filing system into a rollercoaster ride, where memories go for a spin before vanishing into the abyss.

Lots of questions swirled in my mind, was I genuinely wrestling with a case of memory loss, or is my brain just staging a protest, refusing to hoard shitty ideas I often come across? Then, like a detective unraveling a mysterious plot, I connected the dots. This forgetfulness fiesta had coincided precisely with the series of anxiety-inducing days at work, which resulted in me stealing precious hours of sleep from my nightly quota.

My average sleep duration? A pitiable 5-6 hours.

Brain Sleeping

So, it turns out, my sleep deprivation was playing the role of the villain in this memory-challenged melodrama. Perhaps, it’s time to reconsider my nocturnal habits. Maybe I should forgo my late-night scavenger hunt with Dr. Google and opt for the age-old remedy of a good night’s sleep. Heck, I might even consider visiting a real-life, flesh-and-blood doctor one of these days.

In the end, all it required was a proper sleep schedule. Who would have thought a week of stress and lack of sleep would send me to this adventure.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to catch some more ZZZs.

Co-authored by OpenAI (GPT-3.5)